About Us

Who We Are

Right in the heart of downtown Portland, we are a small specialty coffee shop dedicated to serving you the finest coffee from local roasters and from all over the world. Joe Yang, an experienced barista and the owner of In J Coffee, founded this place in November 2018. He has devoted over 8 years of his life in the coffee industry, and now he wants to put his skill and experience in use to serve the highest quality and the most delicious cup of coffee for everyone.

Our Mission

We aim to provide you with high quality and ethically sourced coffee beans for your cup of joe. At the moment we source our beans mainly from Heart Coffee, Coava Coffee Roasters and Case Study Coffee Roasters. (All local!)

From time to time, we have small batches of freshly roasted coffee from some other roasters from all over the country or all over the world for serving pour-overs. You can taste the quality in every cup!

As experience as Joe is, it is also one of our goals that every barista at In J Coffee is trained properly so they will have the skill to make a good cup and to share their coffee knowledge to the community.

Most importantly, In J Coffee serves as a hub where all coffee lovers connect and able to enjoy coffee and life together. In Joy, In Joe!